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Make the most of your IT budget – with used software!

Always an advantage: buying or selling used original software


When it comes to trading in used software licenses throughout Europe, Software Broker is poised to become the first port of call in Germany. Find out why on this website. Read all about our services, your benefits, das Thema legal matters and our company. We promise than no matter whether you want to buy or sell used standard software from renowned vendors such as Microsoft or Adobe: you will benefit from coming to us.


Buy used software licenses from top vendors


Buying new software is a major investment that can be harmful to the liquidity of many businesses. That is why more and more cunning purchasers are turning to used software. They are saving up to 50 % of cost – without sacrificing quality, because software does not wear out.

Seamless legal chain of ownership – complete transparency


Software Broker has more than 20 years of experience with software licensing. We will be happy to provide any required legal documents to prove a seamless chain of ownership. That way, we ensure complete transparency for every transaction.

Sell software licenses you no longer need


Software licenses that are not used by your company are a form of unused capital. Selling them improves your company’s liquidity and lets you invest this capital in new projects or other software licenses – it’s completely up to you.


Flexible transaction options


When you sell us your used software licenses, you have two options for payment: One is to have Software Broker pay you the agreed-upon amount in cash. The other is to receive credit with one of our partners. You can use this credit for services such as a cloud migration at your company or some other project you are planning. No matter which kind of service you have in mind – you can choose the provider.

Find out more about buying and selling used software licenses
More than 20 years of experience

We are intimately familiar with everything involved in legally trading software licenses.

Commercial use

We trade exclusively in software from renowned vendors (e.g., Microsoft and Adobe) for commercial use.


Utilize the value of your unused software licenses and reinvest it in new projects.


We are professionals who focus on customer satisfaction. That is why we guarantee 100% transparency and legal security for all software license transactions.

What is so special about working with Software Broker?

advantages of second-hand software licenses

Market research companies estimate that there are several billion euros’ worth of unused software licenses floating around – more every day. Make use of the resulting price difference – which we are happy to pass on to you!

What about legal matters?

We guarantee you a seamless chain of ownership for all software licenses purchased from us. Our transfers are insured up to 10 million euros against any transfer errors – you are not taking any risks.

How can you benefit from our experience?

With more than 20 years of experience in software licensing, we know the ins and outs of the market for new and used software licenses. Make use of this expertise – we give trustworthy advice.