Buying and selling used software

Legal since 2012: trading in used software


Until 2012, buying and selling used software was not allowed in Europe. This led to significant financial repercussions for businesses, institutions, and organizations: They were forced to buy new licenses or upgrades, which put a strain on IT budgets and limited their liquidity. Or they resorted to partial solutions to stay within budget constraints. Both situations are unsatisfactory.


Everybody benefits from the legalization of selling used software – and even the software vendors accept the ruling of the Federal Court of Justice.

These are some of the products we buy:

Microsoft products


Are you a mid-market entrepreneur or the head of purchasing in the IT department of a major corporation? And do you have licenses for products that are not being used any more or that you would like to sell after switching to another system? These are some of the products we buy from volume licensing contracts:

Microsoft Office Standard

Microsoft Office Professional Plus

Microsoft Project Standard oder Professional

Microsoft Visio Standard oder Professional

Microsoft Windows Professional Upgrade

Microsoft System Builder (basic licenses)

Microsoft RDS CAL User oder Device

Microsoft Enterprise CAL Device oder User

Microsoft Professional Desktop

Verschiedene Serverlizenzen (z. B. Sharepoint, SQL und CALs)

Adobe products


Maybe you are the director of an advertising agency and have licenses for standard products from Adobe that you no longer need – or never needed to start with? We are interested in purchasing the following programs:


Adobe Acrobat Standard

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Ask us about any other products

We also buy and sell products from other vendors..

This is how we come together:


Make the first step and get in touch if you have any of the products listed and no longer need them or never use them at your company. For us to be able to make you an offer, you must have proof of original ownership for your products, for which there must be seamless chain of ownership documentation (original purchase of the license incl. software assurance renewals).

Our philosophy


We are a trustworthy partner to our customers and from the very beginning have been committed to become the market leader in terms of professionalism, customer satisfaction, and legal security.

What your used software is worth to us:


We are happy to explain our flexible remuneration models, which can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. You have the following options: We transfer the purchasing price to your business account. This lets you improve your company’s liquidity, increase your bottom line, or invest in new IT projects. Alternatively, we can give you partner credit which you can use to purchase new licenses or get a discount on IT services.

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How you benefit from buying used software:


At smaller businesses, administrative bodies, and major corporations alike, software can represent a significant portion of assets. After workforce reductions, IT system migrations, mergers, or department discontinuations, software licenses are no longer needed and can be sold to liquidize assets. This is where Software Broker comes in: Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in the software market, it is easy for us to make you a fair and reliable offer for your used software licenses. Good news first: We can promise right now, that buying used software licenses form us saves you around 50 % compared to buying new – in some cases even up to 70 %!

Benefits for private enterprises and government bodies


These savings should be interesting both for private enterprises and for government bodies. This is why we also bid in calls for tender from public institutions. The financial advantages of used software enable us to fulfil the strict terms of the public sector and offer the required products at the best price. Do not hesitate to send us your tender documents.

We exclusively sell licenses including seamless ownership documentation


Together with our offer, you will receive further information and the documents required for a contract. Once the contract is signed, we deliver the contract numbers of the original license contract, the license keys, product use rights, and the complete documentation of previous owners including all statements of deinstallation. You receive seamless documentation of the chain of ownership and are ready for your next license audit.

Your path to a good deal:


Whether you’re in the commercial or public sector, just check your requirements and let us know what you need. We will be happy to discuss your existing IT infrastructure to help you find the right software solution. Based on that, we can tailor a quote to your needs.


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