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Software Broker is a young company, founded by Stephan Schäpers in 2017. With more than 20 years of experience in software licensing, he knows the ins and outs of the software market. He has great expectations for Software Broker: With its commitment professionalism, customer satisfaction, and legal security, he wants to become the market leader for high-quality used software.


What sets Software Broker apart

We know exactly what kind of pressure IT budgets are under.

Just as much as we know the challenges of selling software.

We buy and sell used original software from major vendors such as Microsoft or Adobe.

Ensuring the security of our products and of our customers is our top priority.

We guarantee our customers a seamless chain of ownership for every product purchased from us.

Experienced expert lawyers who specialize in IT thoroughly check the legal aspects of every license transfer in advance to make sure all prerequisites are met.

Our customers are midsize companies, international corporations, legal and tax offices, and public institutions.

What you can expect from Software Broker


When we founded this company, we didn’t think there had to be more purveyors of used software. But different ones! Ones who could handle a software transaction transparently, with seamless legal documentation, and the necessary level of trustworthiness. Enter Software Broker: We guarantee a wide variety of essential criteria for transferring standard software use rights. For instance, you can rely on us for:

Savings of up to 50 % compared to buying new software licenses, while at the same time selling licenses you no longer need

Hand-in-glove cooperation with all levels of your organization

Absolute confidentiality regarding our mutual involvement in any transaction

Disclosure of all necessary legal documentation of transactions

If required, you can involve your own lawyers and auditors in every step of the way to ensure that your compliance and auditing requirements are fulfilled.

This is our understanding of transparency, professionalism, customer satisfaction, and legal security.

Buying and selling used software is a matter of trust


Thanks to years of experience in the used software market, we know that working with new partners requires a lot of trust. Our customers, small companies as well as large corporations, including several DAX members, especially value our commitment to finding solutions. One example for this is our flexible contract structure for buying software licenses you no longer need. You can have their value paid out in cash or converted to partner credit, which you can use for goods or services from a partner of your choosing.

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