The numerous advantages of used software licenses

How you can benefit from used original software


Trusted market researchers estimate that there are unused commercial software licenses worth several billion euros in Germany and the rest of Europe alone. This includes software licenses that become available when companies are liquidated, as well as licenses that are no longer needed after mergers, restructuring measures, or switching to other systems – and there are more every day!

The demand for used software is continuously rising


Thanks to a ruling by the European Court of Justice in July 2012, buying and selling used software is legal. Until then, many major software vendors were trying their best to prevent a market for used software being established. And with good reason: They saw a threat to their core business – after all, used software works just as well. Since the ruling was confirmed by the German Federal Court of Justice in July 2013, the demand used software has been increasing, as shown in the Forrester Research Report from October 3rd, 2013. More and more mid-size companies and major corporations are reaping the benefits of buying and selling used software licenses. And these benefits are numerous:

The benefits of used software:

Buying used software licenses saves you up to 50 percent compared to the price of new software licenses.

Used software offers exactly the same quality as new software. After all, software is a product that does not wear and tear, unlike most other supplies.

New programs are hitting the market almost every day. But mature software with a service pack or two tends to be much more reliable than brand new versions.

Used software that is no longer needed is worth real money: Return a part of the investment you made when you bought brand new licenses to your company. It’s an easy way to improve liquidity, increase your net profit, or invest in new projects.

The introduction of new software versions or products typically requires both hardware and software investments, as new software tends to have higher system requirements regarding your hardware.

As the owner of a used software license, you have the same right to updates as an original buyer.

Volume licenses can be resold individually.

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The benefits of working with Software Broker:

Even though Software Broker is a fairly young company, we have many years of experience in the used software market. Our founder, Stephan Schäpers, has been working in this field for more than 20 years, and knows the ins and outs of trading in software.

We place great value in customer satisfaction and make sure that every software transfer is trustworthy, transparent, professional, and legally sound.

We are ready to help whenever and wherever our customers need our support or advice.

Our processes are auditable and fully digital.

We guarantee our customers complete confidentiality, including exclusion of competition.

We view our customers as equals. This holds true for initial contact, general conduct, and order processing.

If you like, we can bring in a business lawyer or auditor to accompany you through the entire process of software transfer.

At Software Broker, you benefit from innovative and flexible contracts which allow you to sell used software and return its value to your company in multiple ways

You can have the price transferred to your business account.

You can receive partner credit that you can use with a partner of your choosing to acquire goods or services.

We would be happy to prepare a quote for you or schedule a free meeting to discuss options.